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Biryani Kebab Chai

Bringing authentic Awadhi delights to London
Biryani Kebab Chai | Front New

At BKC – Biryani Kebab Chai, our story is one of passion, exploration, and the desire to share the unparalleled tastes of Awadhi cuisine with London. Launched in Marble Arch in 2022; and in Soho in 2023, our mission remains the same: to celebrate the culinary wonders of Lucknow. BKC is on a journey to bring the essence of the Desi Delicacies and the legendary Degh to Dastarkhwan, evoking a feeling of joy and celebration to your plate.

At BKC the dishes are thoughtfully curated by our Head Chef – Arsh Thakur, following the age old Awadhi cooking techniques using the freshest British produce, sourced from the local farms and brought straight to your tables. You’l find the soul of Lucknow in our expertly prepared Lucknowi Biryani, succulent North Indian kebabs, and the comforting warmth of our aromatic chai. Whether you’re in search of the best Biryani near you or the best Kathi roll in London, BKC London is your gateway to the finest Indian cuisine, making it a standout Indian restaurant in Soho and Mayfair, London.

Biryani Kebabs Chai

Each dish at BKC tells a story, a story of tradition, passion, and the art of Indian cuisine. Join us to experience, these signature dishes, where each bite takes you back to the heritage-rich streets, all the while sitting in the heart of London.

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Biryani Kebab Chai | Front New

The dum pukht delight: Lucknowi Biryani at BKC

The epitome of Awadhi cuisine, our dum biryani is a culinary journey to the heart of Lucknow, offering a taste that’s as regal....

as it is comforting. Our biryanis are cooked in the traditional Dum Pukht method, a slow-cooking technique refined in the royal kitchens of Lucknow since the 18th century.

This meticulous process involves layering marinated meat with partially cooked rice, sealing it in a Handi with dough, and allowing it to cook over a low flame. The result is a biryani where every grain of rice is infused with aromatic spices and the essence of tender meat.

BKC brings this ancient cooking art to London, using potli masalas (a bouquet garni of spices) and serving it in handcrafted clay pots, similar to the Handis, preserving the authenticity and enriching the flavors. This commitment to tradition not only honors the biryani’s storied past but also offers a sustainable way to enjoy this age-old delicacy.

Served hot and garnished with fresh coriander and mint leaves, Lucknowi Biryani is a feast for the senses that delights both the palate and the soul. For those on the hunt for the best biryani in London, BKC offers an array of biryanis - chicken biryani, lamb chops biryani and the authentic subz biryani. BKC promises an authentic experience that’s hard to find elsewhere.

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Biryani Kebab Chai | Front New

Awadhi Kebab: A culinary masterpiece of tender perfection

Our chef in offering our guests an authentic taste of Lucknowi Kebabs, grilled on a chula prepared with the utmost care and ....

attention to detail. Our kebabs are meticulously marinated in a blend of yogurt, herbs, and spices, then cooked over an open flame to impart a smoky flavor and charred aroma that enhances the overall experience.

Whether you’re craving the melt-in-your-mouth goodness of our Galouti Kebabs, made with lamb mince and a blend of 130 secret spices or the juicy perfection of our Seekh Kebabs or the flavorful bites of our Dahi ke kebab, we have a culinary masterpiece for every palate at BKC. The kebabs are prepared using an age-old technique called Dhungar, which infuses the dish with the aroma of charcoal through smoking, along with a blend of spices known as ‘Lazzat e tam’.

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Biryani Kebab Chai | Front New

Chai: The timeless charm of roti chai & bun makhan at BKC

Imagine the bustling lanes of Lucknow, where since 1949, Sharma Ji Ki Chai has been a symbol of culinary delight. This iconic tea ....

stall encapsulates the essence of Lucknow’s street food culture. At BKC, we’re not just replicating these classics; we’re reviving the soul of Lucknow in London.

Step into our world and experience the warmth of tradition with every sip of our authentic chai served in Kulhads, blending rich tea with spices that speak of India’s vast tea culture. Our Bun Makhan, a soft bun slathered in homemade churned butter, and the samosa, with its perfectly spiced filling wrapped in a golden crust, to the flaky and crispy Roti Chai combo, we pay homage to the age-old recipes cherished by generations.

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Biryani Kebab Chai | Front New

Kathi Roll: A culinary delight from the streets of Awadh

Born during the British Raj, the Kathi Roll was a culinary innovation for on-the-go British officials craving kebabs without the mess....

The name “Kathi”reflects the shift from iron to bamboo skewers, easing production and cementing its place in street food lore. Its enduring appeal lies in the straightforward yet flavorful preparation: a paratha crisped on a tawa, filled with juicy kebabs, fresh onions, cucumbers, a dollop of kasundi, and a sprinkle of chaat masala for that perfect finish.

At BKC, we offer a selection of Kathi Rolls, from the spicy Chicken Kathi Roll to the savory Kathi Roll Paneer. Our Kathi Rolls are perfect for a go-to for anyone looking for a quick, flavorful meal from pre- theatre super to quick meals between meetings to a chitchat with friends over chai. If you’ve ever wondered where to find a Kathi roll near you or the best places to eat in Soho and Mayfair London, BKC is your answer.

Biryani by the kilo

1kg of biryani served in clay pots can be shared between 3-4 people,
Pre-order and takeaway only.

Hand-crafted biryani clay pot
Opening a pot of Biryani By Kilo at home is akin to unveiling a treasure trove of aromatic indulgence. As the lid is lifted, the first encounter is a gentle waft of spices—cardamom, saffron, and cloves—each meticulously chosen to enhance the flavor. This biryani is cooked using the traditional dum method, where ingredients are layered and slow-cooked to perfection in a sealed, handi (pot), ensuring all flavors are impeccably encapsulated within. The steam that escapes upon opening, carries hints of marinated meat or assorted vegetables, fragrant rice and fresh herbs, telling tales of authenticity and culinary craftsmanship. The sight of the perfectly cooked, fluffy rice and colorful garnishes not only delights the eyes but promises a feast that captivates all the senses. It’s a pot of celebration that you would delight in sharing with ....

your loved ones.

At BKC, the age-old recipe of biryani is given new life, intertwined with the principles of sustainability. Our ‘Biryani by the Kilo’ is a celebration of culture served up in a sustainable package. Each hand-crafted biryani clay pot, or handi, is not just a container for the best Indian biryani near you—it’s a beacon of eco-friendly practices. Made with devotion by local artisans, these clay pots are sculpted from the earth, fired in traditional kilns, and bear the soul of the land.

Our Pledge

Embracing the Earth with Every Bite

At BKC, “Sustainable Dining” isn’t just a catchphrase—it’s our compass. Sustainability at BKC isn’t just about the end product; it’s woven into every stage of our dining narrative. We’re dedicated to reducing our environmental impact through meaningful initiatives.

From farm to table, our fresh produce journey is short but significant. We partner with local farms to deliver the freshest ingredients to your table, enhancing your meal with the knowledge that it supports the local economy and reduces our carbon footprint. At BKC, every dish is a step towards a sustainable future.

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Biryani Kebab Chai | Front New

Local Pottery

We source our beautiful crockery from a local pottery. It’s a choice to diminish our environmental impact. Each piece is a work ....

of art, fired in kilns that tell tales of tradition and responsibility. By choosing local craftsmanship, we not only uphold our culinary authenticity but also foster community growth and minimize our carbon footprint.

Biryani Kebab Chai | Front New

Sustainable Packaging

In the world of fast foods and fleeting trends, BKC stands out by slowing down and making conscious choices. We extend our....

eco-conscious philosophy to our packaging choices. These containers, designed to return to the earth, minimize our ecological footprint and maximize our respect for nature. With biodegradable packaging, our takeaway and delivery containers are kind to the earth, just as they are to your palate.

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Our gallery page is a window into the soulful world of BKC, where every image captures the essence of our culinary journey. From the meticulous preparation of our signature Lucknowi Biryani to the vibrant atmosphere of our dining spaces in Marble Arch and Soho, get ready to be transported to a world where tradition meets contemporary elegance. Let our visual feast inspire your next dining adventure.