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Biryani Kebab Chai

Bringing authentic Indian cuisine from the Awadhi region to West London.

BKC offers authentic Awadhi cuisine originating from Awadh (modern day Lucknow) in Northern India, to London for the first time. The grab and go style restaurants serves traditional biryanis, northern Indian kebabs and chai showcasing traditional ingredients, recipes and techniques. BKC showcases the versatility of different aromatic spices through classic dishes loved by all.

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Biryani Kebabs Chai

Available from 12pm-10pm


Our Biryani’s are made with Mutton or Chicken for meat eaters alongside Vegetable or Vegan versions, all served in traditional earthen clay pots.

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We serve a variety of Awadhi kebabs which are traditionally grilled on a chula or skillet , the star being the Galawat kebab, made with lamb mince and spices.

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Traditional Chai including, Karak Chai (translated to strong tea), is made with evaporated milk to create a rich and creamy drink which is made with fewer spices than masala chai for a softer taste.

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Biryani by the kilo

1kg of biryani served in clay pots can be shared between 3-4 people,
Pre-order and takeaway only.

Hand-crafted biryani clay pot

We at BKC believe that your biryani should be enjoyed the same way at home as in the restaurant, so we came up with the concept of ‘Biryani by the Kilo’. When ordering the 1 kilo biryani for take away they are prepared and served in individual clay pots ‘handis’ that are sealed with dough to retain the aroma of spices. This ensures that the heat is retained from the restaurant all the way to your home and you receive piping hot biryani. You get to keep this pot along with a piece of seed paper so that you can grow herbs in the handi. This is a way of thanking our valued customers for supporting local artisan potters and reusing the handi.

Our Pledge

For sustainability

Clay Pots

Our clay pots are produced with sustainability at the core of our business, from our values to our vision and is one of our strategic pillars.

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Local Pottery

Our clay pots are produced by Potters Thumb, a pottery studio based in Hackney Wick, and founded by Mark Ciavola.

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