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Kebab’s at BKC

Biryani Kebab Chai | Kebab's at BKC
Awadh has a rich history when it comes to kebabs.

The story goes that these were invented by a chef to a Nawab (nobleman) who had lost all his teeth due to his general overindulgence. In order to keep enjoying his chef’s food, the Nawab asked his chefs to create something that meant he could eat meat without having to chew.

BKC serves a variety of Awadhi kebabs which will be traditionally grilled on a chula or skillet, the star being the Galouti Kebab, made with lamb mince and a blend of 130 secret spices. The kebabs are prepared with the age- old technique Dhungar, infusing a dish with the aroma of charcoal through smoking alongside a blend of spices called ‘Lazzat e tam’.


Biryani Kebab Chai | Kebab's at BKC