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Biryani’s at BKC

Biryani Kebab Chai | Biryani’s at BKC
Biryani’s at BKC are all served in traditional earthen clay pots or “Handis”.

Sourced locally from a sustainable potter in Hackney Wick BKC focuses on the biryanis prepared with potli spices along with the traditional Dum-Pukht cooking method which involves placing semi cooked ingredients in a traditional “Handi” sealed with dough to trap the flavours. Dum-Pukht food is all about retaining the aromas of the food.

Lucknow cuisine, known for the art of cooking over slow fire and heroes’ these techniques with its biryanis. BKC treats your senses to the aromas transporting you to the streets of Lucknow as they are cooked over a low and gentle flame to lock in both the flavours and moisture.