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About us

BKC: A culinary journey through Lucknow, sitting in London

BKC – Biryani Kebab Chai, began its journey in Marble Arch in 2022 and expanded to Soho in 2023, driven by a passion for sharing the exquisite flavors of Awadhi cuisine with London. Our mission is to celebrate the culinary wonders of Lucknow, bringing the legendary Degh to Dastarkhwan and transforming every meal into a joyous feast. Head Chef Arsh Thakur curates our dishes using age-old Awadhi techniques and the freshest British produce, ensuring every plate is a testament to our commitment to quality and authenticity.

Celebrating authentic Awadhi flavors

At BKC, each dish narrates the rich culinary heritage of Lucknow. Our dum biryani, inspired by the renowned Lalla Biryani, is a testament to the Dum Pukht method, perfected through slow-cooking marinated meat and aromatic rice. Our kebabs, echoing the legacy of Tunday Ka Kebab, are meticulously marinated with secret spices and grilled to smoky perfection. The chai experience, drawn from the iconic Sharma Ji Ki Chai, offers spiced tea served in traditional kulhads, paired with bun makhan and samosas. Our Kathi Rolls, a British Raj innovation, feature parathas filled with succulent kebabs and fresh toppings, offering a quick and flavorful meal.

Eco-friendly dining: BKC’s commitment to sustainability

At BKC, sustainability is integral to our philosophy. We prioritize eco-friendly practices at every step, from sourcing to serving. Our beautiful crockery, crafted by local artisans, reduces our environmental impact and supports community artisans. Each piece tells a story of tradition and responsibility. We also embrace sustainable packaging, using biodegradable containers that are gentle on the environment. By partnering with local farms, we ensure our ingredients are fresh and our carbon footprint is minimized. Each dish at BKC is not only a culinary delight but also a step towards a sustainable future, reflecting our dedication to preserving the earth.

Bringing nawabi hospitality to London

Lucknow’s Nawabi culture is synonymous with opulence and hospitality, where every guest is treated with royal elegance and warmth. At BKC, we bring this tradition of ‘mehmaan nawazi’ to London, ensuring each visitor feels honored and cherished. Our dedication to preserving the authenticity of Awadhi cuisine and hospitality allows diners to experience the rich heritage of Lucknow, transforming every meal into a celebration. Join us at BKC, where every sip and bite transports you to the heritage-rich streets of Lucknow, all while sitting in the heart of London.